Number of votes in election already exceed last year's

In two days, more students voted in this year's Student Association elections than the entirety of last year's election.

As of 8 a.m. Tuesday, 16.6 percent -- or 2,238 -- undergraduate students at Syracuse University voted, according to charts drawn up by SA. Last year, 10 percent -- or 1,397 students -- of the undergraduate population voted.

This year's election started Nov. 14 and will continue until Nov. 17, and helps elect people for various positions in the university's student government, including president, comptroller and home college representatives. Students can cast their ballot via MySlice.

On Monday, 2,148 students voted, nearly four times as many votes compared to the first day of last year's elections -- it roped in 588 voters in 2010. By 8 a.m. Tuesday, 90 people had already voted.

There are more voters coming from all classes, especially sophomores and juniors, according to the charts. This year, 880 sophomores have already voted, compared to the 305 sophomores last year. More than 150 more juniors have voted this year as well -- 503 votes as opposed to 331.

Freshmen come up third in voter numbers, with 470 this year (418 last year). Seniors also have exceeded their numbers from last year, with 385 votes compared to 343 in 2010.

Only 10 percent of the student body is needed to validate the election.This year, there are 14,222 undergraduates at SU, according to the Office of Institutional Research and Assesment's website.



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