5 tips to prevent stress during finals

Commentary: Follow these tips to maintain your sanity and your grades.

Finals week has finally arrived. If you aren’t already stressed by thinking about the numerous papers that are due on the same day, or the hours upon hours you will need to spend in the library, then chances are you are actively seeking out ways to decrease your stress levels. Look no further. Here is a compiled list of the top five stress relievers you should indulge in this week. They say the pain is temporary and GPA is forever, but there’s no need to sacrifice your mental health for the sake of good grades. Follow these tips and you can have it all.

1. Schedule your studying accordingly.

To prevent the stress of all nighters and cram session freakouts, take the time to actually plan out the time you need to spend studying for your final exams. Set aside at least 2-3 hours a day that you can dedicate to one subject. Try not to leave everything for the last second.

2. Create a good playlist.

There’s nothing better than having the perfect music to put you in a studying mood. If you are stressing and feeling like the world is coming to an end, just put on your favorite tunes and watch your mood improve.

3. Give yourself incentives.

Getting through hours of reading or reviewing notes is always better when you know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Set benchmark incentives to get you through. Maybe read 100 pages then treat yourself to a donut. This will help you power through your work and feel less overwhelmed with your workload.

4. Practice mindfulness.

Try not to push yourself to the limit. It does no good to overwork yourself and end up breaking down. If studying becomes too much, take a break. Take some deep breaths or take a coffee break. Do whatever will help you take your mind off of your work temporarily.

5. Get enough sleep!

Nothing is more stressful than trying to complete a final project with no energy. Sleep is important. It will help you to feel refreshed and put you in the perfect state of mind to be productive.

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