Modern Malt serves unique eats during Dining Weeks

Learn about Modern Malt's specialty dishes featured during Syracuse's Downtown Dining Weeks.

Modern Malt is not just a typical diner. As it's name implies, it puts a modern twist on some of America's most loved foods. If you order a grilled cheese, expect to find apples inside. In the mood for French toast? Modern Malt serves them coated in Fruity Pebbles. This is all thanks to Executive Chef Anthony Donofrio, who has been the creative mind behind the menu since the restaurant opened just over two years ago.

Photo: Nicole Griffin
Executive Chef Anthony Donofrio says coming up with new recipes in the kitchen is a great outlet for his creativity.

When it came to participating in this year's 12th annual Downtown Dining Weeks, he said he decided to push the envelope again. He created a three course meal, including items like pineapple upside down pancakes, for under $25.

"I wanted to try some new stuff, some ideas that I had sitting around," Donofrio said. "This is kind of like a test run". 

Modern Malt's dining week menu will be available until February 29th, and Donofrio said it's too early to tell how succesful it has been. But if the constant line out the door is any indication, it looks like it's selling like hot cakes.

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