Halloween costumes for the procrastinator

Looking for a last-minute costume idea? The NewsHouse has you covered; from famous couples to classic characters, each of our suggestions is sure to help you win best costume.

Halloween is here. Dum dum, DUM…!

As leaves slowly turn to the color of squash, and the cold begins to creep through all your layers, many begin to fear the same thing — what to be for Halloween?

This is the one time of the year that fashion can be exaggerated runway style. What is a costume? Simply emulating an iconic style with a signature look or emphasizing a specific character trait.

It sounds complex when thinking about it that way, but closet shopping is what the day before Halloween is supposed to be about. But don’t panic, Newshouse has been busy finding the best last-minute costumes for our frantic procrastinators.

First and foremost, what is considered a great costume by our standards? Here they are:

1. It has to be special. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to put the work into this if no one is going to remember what you dressed up as two days later. It has to be the memorable costume of the night.

2. It has to be cheap. Costumes are not a common luxury in the life of a college student. The most brilliant costumes combine creativity and some serious closet evaluation (I recommend those with any extra time to spend an afternoon at a thrift store for inspiration.)

3. It has to be quick and painless. Not all of us have hours of preparation time. The costumes below all have a one hour maximum time of preparation.

Last weekend was the unofficial kickoff of “Halloweek.” We looked at last weekend’s costumes and got the most fashionable, the most creative, and the simplest to make, with things from your closet.

So what is popular for guys and gals this year?


That makes the DIY job easier.

Top celeb of the night for the ladies: Blue Ivy (Beyonce’s baby girl.) This is an adorable DIY with a blue leotard and a personal foam bib and plastic ivy (painted blue) adorning the shoulders and hips. Don’t forget the gold pacifier (grab one from a dollar store and spray paint away.)

If you don't want to worry about being cold, pair this with jeans, leggings or jeggings.

Other quick ideas for girls: grab an ascot and a pack of gum and go as the Orbit girl, or, get yourself a headband, a couple of felt triangles and go as any animal of your choice. Keep the colors the same though: black for cat, orange for fox, cheetah print for… well, you know.

And for the guys? You have plenty of options so go for the one that will get the most buzz. For Walter White: a khaki jacket, thick rimmed glasses, white shirt and a hat (if you’re bald it helps, but not necessary.) The beard, however, is very necessary. Don’t have time to grow one? Grab a lady-friend to draw one on. Closet shopping potential? 90%. For the other 10% check out your roommate’s closet.

Other options for the boys: While a cowboy might sound boring, write Andy on your shoe and wear a red scarf. That’s all you need to become Woody. Pair those essentials with a white shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat.

And of course no party would be complete without a “Where’s Waldo?”  all it takes is jeans and a red-and-white striped shirt. But the best (and easiest) last minute costume is the Brawny man. Red plaid shirt, a roll of paper towels tucked under your arm, and you’re set.  

Going as a couple? There are plenty of options for you. How about Kate Middleton and Baby George (there seems to be a baby fever going around?) Girls: think classy, think pearls, think brunette and don’t forget the gloves. Men: grab a red onesie (or red thermal underwear), a bib, and, of course, the crown. Need more ideas? Try Sandy and Danny from Grease; all it takes is black shirts and a whole lot of leather. Also, any couple from a Wes Anderson movie will definitely get you noticed. There's Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom, or Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox.

Good luck closet shopping and have a spooky and safe Halloween.

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