Artist Isaiah Rashad and rapper Pell bring an unconventional style of music to Syracuse University

From the South to Syracuse, the artists fused electronic dance music with southern style rap for an unforgettable ending to University Union's final Bandersnatch concert of the year.

Southern rapper Isaiah Rashad headlined the event and captivated the audience with his ability to transition from performing smooth soulful songs to raw raps over southern beats. Rashad says he finds his inspiration in spontaneity and from movies such as Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing". Rashad signed with California based, independent record label Top Dawg Entertainment in 2013 and says that, "it's very inspiring...It's a family, we work and chill together". 

Photo: Chase Guttman

Rashad and his DJ both commanded the stage and fed off of the crowd's energy. Rashad performed songs such as "Ronnie Drake", "Shot You Down", and "Modest" from his latest EP "Cilvia Demo".

"My favorite part was when Isaiah Rashad performed "Shot You Down"," said sophomore student, Hakeem Watson. "The whole crowd was just into it."

Rashad also teased the audience with a preview of his latest project. At one point in the show, he stopped the music and rapped as his DJ beatboxed on the mic. He later informed the audience that the song he just performed had not been released yet. When audience members asked him for a potential album release date, he said "who does release dates anymore?" eliciting laughter from the crowd.

The Tennessee born rapper was not afraid to get up close and personal with the concert attendees, and leaned into the crowd to take selfies with them while performing. The crowd jammed along as Rashad closed with Kendrick Lamar's song "Alright" from his newest album "To Pimp a Butterfly". 

Hours earlier, EDM DJ White Cliffs spun remixes as students began to gather. Later, Pell delivered an impassioned and expressive performance infused with futuristic soul. Pell describes his sound and overall vibe as "futuristic in the regard that it's at times uncomfortable. Whether it be my voice or how something was laid out, it's not exactly how you wanted it to be. It's kind of pushing on something new that you haven't heard before." 

Pell was cloaked in blue lighting that accentuated his spirited and unconstrained vibe. He enthusiastically performed songs such as "Eleven:11", and his personal favorite "Fresh Produce" from his latest album "Floating While Dreaming".

The audience clapped along and responded with an excited "Pell yeah!" after each song they enjoyed. 

The final Bandersnatch Concert for the semester wrapped up at around 11:30 p.m., but concert attendees could be heard discussing the night's events as they walked home.


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