Whiteboard Video: Cincinnati's fourth down touchdown

Halftime Snack's Kyle Leach explains how a botched field goal attempt turned into another TD in last week's game against Cincinnati.

Click Here for coverage of SU vs. Cincinnati

Syracuse Vs. Cincinnati: Halftime Snack Whiteboard from NewsHouse on Vimeo.

Love it! - Kyle Leach coverage once again hit amongst viewers


Awesome stuff. Funny. To the point. Truthful. Insightful. Love it.

We need more of these.


BTW - The hat makes it and that voice.

What are the horse picks with

What are the horse picks with that hat on?

You gotta make plays to win

You gotta make plays to win games...

well coached

cinncy is well coached.. cuse is under talented. slap a tie on the qb and send him to the hardwood duke sideline like the rest of their pg's that never made it anywhere.

discuss more punt formation theories. what is your take on the rollout punt?


I can smell the garbage plate from here Dirty...

Wardrobe malfuntion?

Who dresses you Coach Leach?? Hopefully you dont have J.Jackson's people on payroll otherwise you're bound to expose a busom one of the days...

Special Teams isn't for

Special Teams isn't for special people like you Kyle

Great stuff

Great stuff

kyle's korner

why didn't we have this on the front page all last year?

Well down Kyle! You broke

Well down Kyle! You broke down the play to a tee!

Very detailed play, too bad

Very detailed play, too bad the defense fell asleep at the switch. Keep up the good reporting. Harry

nice hat

I have no sound on my computer at work, so I have no idea what you said, but whatever someone in that hat says, I treat it as gospel. In conclusion, perfect analysis.

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