Tomaselli recants it all

Zach Tomaselli admits he fabricated his sexual assault allegations against former SU basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine.

Zach Tomaselli admitted lying about his sexual assault allegations against Bernie Fine.

He called the false allegations "a game" that he did not want to continue. He told CNY Central that he doesn't usually have feelings and hates people without caring.

According to an email sent to Matt Mulcahy by Tomaselli, Bobby Davis, the first man to accuse Fine of sexuall assault, told him what to tell detectives. Tomaselli's integrity was seriously called into question after he confused the team SU's men's basketball team played against at the time of the alleged abuse, according to an interview in The Daily Orange, published Feb. 6.

Tomaselli will begin serving a three-year sentence for sexually abusing a teenager at a summer camp where he worked.

He reportedly expressed regret over damaging SU head coach Jim Boehem's name. Boeheim and Syracuse University are being sued for defamation by Davis and Mike Lang, Davis's stepbrother and second accuser in the Fine scandal.

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