Never Have I Ever: Valentine's Day Edition

In this video blog, Pete and Leah choose adventures in Syracuse to celebrate the annual day of romance by choosing activities for each other they've never dared do before.

Whether you view Valentine’s Day as your personal Casablanca or the annual zenith of Hallmark mind control, the best way to celebrate is joining someone you really like doing something new with. Pete Wayner and Leah Stacy, couple and partners in crime, each picked something the other has been afraid to do . . . until now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pete:Strapping sharpened blades to my already adequate feet and venturing onto a frozen slick has never had much appeal to me. But a faint heart never won a fair lady, and that was Leah’s Valentine’s Day pick for me. As I glided effortlessly, wind thundering in my face, I felt the spirits of Michelle Kwan and Evgeni Plushenko at my sides. You can’t see it in the video, but Leah swooned at my frozen mastery. 

Total cost for two skate rentals and admission fees: $12.

Leah:I have a love/hate relationship with food. There are some things I love (like mac ‘n’ cheese), and other things I detest (like onions). Pete, on the other hand, loves all food except lima beans. Throughout our relationship, my appetite horizons have expanded to include Ethiopian, Thai and Indian food -- but sushi was the one thing I resisted; until now. After all, part of being in love is compromise ... right?

Valentine's Day: Never Have I Ever from The NewsHouse on Vimeo.

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