Damon Wayans in living color

Comedian-actor livens up Syracuse University's homecoming weekend with a refreshing performance on Saturday.

Film and television comedian Damon Wayans delivered a refreshingly hilarious performance to Syracuse University's homecoming crowd. And judging by the crowd’s reaction, the headliner didn’t disappoint.

Phi Beta Sigma fraternity teamed up with Omega Phi Beta sorority to host the event in Goldstein Auditorium in Schine Student Center Saturday night.

Known from the popular ABC series My Wife and Kids and his memorable roles in the comedy sketch show In Living Color, Damon Wayans revved up the crowd just by his entrance. He started off his time with a set of rules for his performance that the audience members followed accordingly. Some of his policies were ‘no getting up’ and ‘no heckling unless you want your Mom to regret having you.' The audience obliged, as there were no outspoken critics in attendance that night.

Damon’s great transitions between jokes and a mixture of topics were a hit with the crowd. One key feature about his performance was his combination of comedian career life and everyday person stories. There was also a great balance between jokes targeted toward the students as well as the middle-aged attendees. This made his show appealing to older and younger audience members.

The side-splitting celebrity impersonations he’s famous for targeted different Hollywood figures like Bruce Springsteen, Tiger Woods and Rihanna. His rendition of the infamous Chris Brown post-Grammy incident caused obligatory fits of laughter. 

The venue filled up long before the show began with students and guests from all over the Syracuse community. Minnesota Timberwolves point guard and former Syracuse Orangeman Jonny Flynn came out for the show as well as three-time all-American running back Floyd Little.

The comedy show also gave the opportunity for a few Syracuse students to showcase their comedic ability by kicking off the night with opening acts. Following the introduction by the hosts (one, a brother from Phi Beta Sigma, the other, a sister from Omega Phi Beta), the up-and-coming jokesters took a turn at testing the crowd.

First was Alan Peterson, a sophomore who set the night off well. His down-to-earth approach got the crowd in the mood to laugh. The audience took a liking to his corny, yet charming, failed pick-up lines.

Next up was Jaime Rivera. His soft-spoken mannerisms used to describe his cheating mishaps paired up well with his Latin cracks and storytelling style jokes.

A comedian by the name of T-Blount was next to the stage. His performance started off a bit dry and his performance was ill received. But his relaxed outfit of sweats and a T-shirt turned out to contradict his active routine. This guy wasn’t afraid of rolling on the floor or running around the stage.

The crowd regained its energy when SU senior Tyler Gildin took his turn. With his unique voice and carefree attitude, Gildin had a really noticeable comfort while on the stage. It seemed as if he was just talking with a couple friends and not performing stand-up.

With all the hand-clapping and thigh-slapping laughter, the crowd was very accepting during the show. The occasional raunchy jokes were definitely not for the close minded but were well-received throughout the night.

“Tonight was great," SU alumnus Joemmy Ramirez said. "They had good opening acts and the show was well put together.”

Senior Samantha Thomas agreed.

"[I] thought it was relatable to Syracuse students and definitely worth the 10 dollars,” she said.

The night came to a close with a standing ovation and plenty of happy spectators.

“I loved it," freshman Khira Fryar said. "I really think they should bring him back.”

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