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Some Girls Boutique: Every Girl's Dream Come True

Owner Margaret Partyka talks about her passion for fashion, and what looks are in for the spring and summer.

Let’s be honest. Every girl has an obsession with clothes and accessories, whether they admit it or not. Margaret Partkya has no shame in admitting her love for fashion. In fact, you can see it by the way she dresses up not only herself, but also her store.

Margaret has been the owner of Some Girls Boutique located on Marshall Street for the past three years. The opportunity fell in her lap when the previous owner, Diva DeLoayza passed away.

“Her family wanted to keep the shop open and offered me a transition of ownership,” Margaret explained.

Margaret began working as an employee for DeLoayza while preparing for the LSATs, a path Margaret’s mother pushed her to take.

“I wanted to go into fashion right out of high school. But my mother said, ‘Fashion’s just a hobby, get your degree,’” she said.

During that time, Margaret’s friendship with DeLoayza blossomed, they became more like family than co-workers. So when DeLoayza’s family offered Margaret ownership of the Some Girls store, Margaret saw it as an opportunity to do what she always had a passion for.

Margaret’s love for clothes had been apparent for years. Even as a child, Margaret knew this route seemed better suited.

When Margaret would get home from school she would take out her two storage Rubberware bins that had dresses previously owned by her grandmother and aunts.

"I was playing with them the second I got home from school,” she said.

For the spring and summer seasons, Margaret says bright colors, and bold accessories are the way to go. She insists on mixing prints, and keep things light, fun and flirty.

She personally describes her own style as feminine, punk rock.

“There’s nothing more fun than a dress, but I also love cut-up t-shirts and printed leggings," she said. "It depends on the weather and the day- it’s always 'Which Margaret are you going to get?’”

Watch the video below to hear what clothes and the store mean to her!


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