Social media's role in education

Educators and students from Syracuse to California joined a live Twitter chat this spring about social media in the classroom.

Social media has emerged as a dominant force in society. Everywhere we turn there are examples of sites like Twitter and Facebook being used in new and innovative ways.

How is this affecting how teachers teach and how students learn?

Are social media tools being utilized to their fullest potential?

On April 17, both students and educators participated in a Twitter-based chat using the hashtag #SMinEDU. There were more than 300 tweets during the hour-long chat, and according to, the chat reached an audience of more than 72,000 followers. For a full archive of the chat, click here.

Top Number of Impressions
  1. dr4ward: 110,149
  2. uscteacher: 54,510
  3. orangechuck: 40,824
  4. argylesocial: 30,774
  5. just_kate: 20,204
  6. jpedde: 17,090
  7. beneg92: 16,680
  8. evamckend: 10,064
  9. harrelldewayne: 6,580
  10. nicktoneytweets: 5,544
Top Number of Tweets
  1. beneg92: 30
  2. uscteacher: 23
  3. nicktoneytweets: 22
  4. teachdotcom: 22
  5. orangechuck: 21
  6. evamckend: 17
  7. fujifulgueras: 15
  8. dr4ward: 13
  9. cvolk729: 13
  10. lornefultonberg: 12

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