A 'DeVine' evening of comedy for Syracuse students

Adam DeVine, comedian and actor in "Workaholics" and "Pitch Perfect," talks weed, fame, and buttholes during his performance in Goldstein Auditorium.

“Are you ready for the best night of your lives?” Adam DeVine said as he made his grand entrance, yelling at the crowd while fist pumping. 

Typically associated with Half-Christmas, bear coats, and perfecting the art of being a tight-butthole, DeVine is the co-creator, writer, and leading actor of Comedy Central’s "Workaholics." The 31-year-old comedian has also appeared in ABC’s sitcom "Modern Family," his own stand-up comedy show "Adam DeVine’s 'House Party,'" and the musical comedy "Pitch Perfect," which will return to theatres this summer for a sequel.

Photo: Laura Paolino
Adam DeVine's off-color, oftentimes physical humor kept his Goldstein Auditorium audience roaring with laughter.

DeVine performed an hourlong comedy routine at Goldstein Auditorium Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m, as part of his tour, which started at the beginning of the month with a show in Austin, Texas. According to his Twitter, there are 22 scheduled performances, two of which are located in New York: New York City and Syracuse.

Tickets for “A Night With Adam DeVine” went on sale at the Schine Box Office Thursday, Jan. 29. Tickets, priced at $5, were available to all Syracuse and SUNY-ESF students, staff and faculty.

Marking University Union’s fourth and final performing arts event for the academic year, Adam Ray, guest star on “Workaholics,” “Two Broke Girls,” and the cop comedy “The Heat,” had the pleasure of warming up the crowd before DeVine hit the stage. He poked fun at Chuck’s, impersonated typical white girls, recalled psychedelic shroom consumption, and read 20 of his favorite Yik Yak posts.

After Ray riled up the crowd, he handed the mic over to DeVine, which only intensified the laughter riots. The headliner noticed the flood of photographers and took five minutes to pose. “They need to get me from all sides,” he said rolling on the floor and receiving roaring applause.

DeVine had the audience doubling over their seats when he mentioned being recognized for the first time while stopped at a red light. He threw his fan a “double-backwards peace sign,” which was ultimately a “total douche move.”

“It’s like I turned into Justin Bieber,” Devine said about his reaction.

The comedian mentioned his auditions for Pitch Perfect, which he believed to be a movie about baseball, and NBC’s late-night sketch show “Saturday Night Live,” where he poorly impersonated Paul McCartney in front of producer Lorne Michaels, a Beatles fan. After each joke, he mumbled “that’s stupid” and “that’s dumb” under his breath, essentially making fun of his own humor.

Coming to a close, the two comedians opened the floor to a lengthy Q&A session, moderated by Ray. DeVine signed a fan’s bear coat, played a game of “f--k, kill, marry” with a student, and took about 25 selfies with two female roommates while they were in a full split (ouch, that must have hurt).

Below are five of our favorite Adam Ray jokes from the night:

  • “I heard to go to Chuck’s tonight. Someone told me there’s jizz on the floor, but the beers are awesome… You lost me at jizz, but you got me at beer.”
  • “Here’s anyone playing Roulette Black. F---!”
  • “In Florida a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the stomach because she farted on his head. How do you recover from that? Farts can make or break a relationship.”
  • “Frat boys are like, ‘drink a whole gallon of milk and fart out the alphabet.’ Sorority girls are like ‘wear a tutu when it’s zero f--king degrees out.'”
  • “I was pooping at a Starbucks at 2 o’clock on a Thursday, when someone came in unannounced. That’s my fault—I forgot to double check the lock. I screamed, 'No. Please. Don’t.' A grown man. What did I think he would do? Steal the rest of the toilet paper?”

And, last but not least, here are 10 of the night’s most “DeVine” jokes:

  • “Woah, there’s a lot of orange out there. You guys love that f—ing color. I bet there are no hunting accidents around here.”
  • “My dad’s a bigot. Don’t act like you don’t have any bigot dad inside of here. I know you do… I’m like ‘Dad, you’re a bigot.’ And he’s like ‘No I’m not. I have a black friend.  And I’m like ‘Black Jeff? That’s what you call him. I guarantee you Jeff doesn’t like to be called ‘Black Jeff.’ You’re not ‘White Dennis,’ you’re just the a--hole from work.”
  • “My friends tried to murder me on my 22nd birthday — 22 shots in 22 minutes. It’s always the grossest shots ever… Half hour later, I’m in the fetal position asking God for forgiveness."
  • “The best STD to have is crabs because they sound delicious, right? You’re like, ‘I have crabs.’ And I’m like, ‘I have butter! Let’s have a feast!'”
  • “I can’t wait for global warming—that’s a hot topic! I can’t wait to go on vacation somewhere tropical at the Artic. I’ll just recline in my beach chair and move my Corona to block the polar bear from drowning.”
  • “For some reason that s--- [Taco Bell] tastes delicious at 2 o’clock in the morning. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s a turd in a taco.”
  • “At a party, whoever’s cool to drive is always the least cool.”
  • “STDs are scary. Not so much the S and the T, but the D — that’s what’s scary. Not ‘sexually transmitted.’ That’s like cool techno German dance music."
  • “F--- birds. I hate birds. If it flies, it dies.”
  • “That wasn’t my voice in ‘Pitch Perfect,’ that was Usher’s.”

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