Insomnia Cookies

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Nothing beats the combination of a gooey, freshly baked cookie and some milk to top off a great night. Insomnia Cookies appeals to the midnight snack cravers, the families visiting their kids at ‘Cuse, and the nightly crowd coming out of Chucks. Basically, this M-Street staple works for everyone.

The 'Dessert': Cookies are just a buck, but if you’re feeling really zealous, try a large cookie for $2.25. Yea, yea, that may sound like a lot for a cookie, but you get your money’s worth.

Maybe cookies aren’t your thing, so try the freshly baked brownies for $1.25. Throw a topping or two on top, they’re only $0.25 each. Either way, you can’t go wrong with something this delectable.

If you’re still not satisfied with the menu, and perhaps you want to avoid the late-night cookie-binging scene, Insomnia has the answer. Everyone’s favorite bakery also serves frozen yogurt. Not sure how many students are craving fro-yo during the Syracuse winters, but hey, at least it’s there. (Maybe grab some hot chocolate to wash it down, because Insomnia’s got that, too!) The Bottom Line: A quick snack with everyone's favorites that won't break the bank.

The 'Milk': Insomnia Cookies is conveniently located at the end of Marshall Street, down by Jimmy John’s and T-Shirt World. No steps required makes this late-night snack scene handicap accessible. There is WiFi available to Syracuse University students, who can log in using their AirOrangeX accounts.

Insomnia lives up to its name, staying open every night of the week until 3am. The bakery opens at noon, and delivery begins at 7pm. Note: delivery can be on the slower side and take up to 45 minutes, especially if there’s bad weather. Be aware that late-night orders include a $0.99 delivery charge and can only be placed on a minimum of $6. The Bottom Line: Its convenient location at the heart of the SU campus and its late-night hours make this the perfect place for your midnight (or later!) snack.

The 'Toppings': It’s hard to go wrong with Insomnia Cookies’ late-night snacks. Brownies, cookies, frozen yogurt --you name it! This little pastry palace has exactly what you’re looking for to cure those midnight cravings. The Bottom Line: You can take it out or have it delivered, but either way, you can't go wrong with Insomnia's late-night snacks.


123 Marshall Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 423-3827

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Insomnia Does Deliver

You can find out more information at

do you deliver

I would like to send some cookies to a student at Syracuse University. Do you deliver?

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