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Making the call

Sophomore Bill Spaulding takes on the tough job of announcing lacrosse play by plays for WAER radio; a job usually reserved for seniors.

Announcing play by plays is a tough job usually reserved for seniors, but sophomore Bill Spaulding calls the shots like a professional for SU’s WAER. Keeping up with every swing of a lacrosse stick, the 19-year-old broadcast journalism major stands tall next to senior Ted Conroy covering SU’s top ranked men’s lacrosse team.

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Despite the auctioneer speed needed to announce the play by plays of any sports game, Spaulding says the toughest part of his job is in the preparation for the big day. Spaulding arrives early to WAER’s station the day before the game, spends hours memorizing player’s names and numbers, listening to preseason interviews and reviewing last season’s highlights.

In addition to covering lacrosse games for WAER, Spaulding works for Z89, SU’s student-run radio station and Citrus TV, while still finding time to attend classes at Newhouse.

The hardworking sports enthusiast says he looks to Newhouse alumni Mike Tirico and Carter Blackburn for inspiration.

“I really appreciate Mike Tirico, he’s a guy I look up to and he’s the best in the business,” said Spaulding.

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