December 1, 2015 - 10:55am
Homeless in Syracuse, Evan battles drugs, gun violence, fellow addicts and the cold streets in hopes of recovering from heroin addiction.

Evan, at age two, began reaching for the gymnastics rings. He wanted to follow in his sibling's footsteps.

Soon, his talent became obvious and he was deemed the better of the two. Good wasn't a word someone would use to describe his talent, it was his calling.

By age 12, he needed knee surgery. After that, there were pain killers.

Even with a damaged knee, his coach kept pushing him — leading to more pain killers, not only for the pain, but for a psychological use.

December 1, 2015 - 10:30am
Josue Prado's job is not a glorious one, however, his pride gives him energy to wake up at 2 a.m., six days a week, and drive through snow, sleet and rain.

As the sun rises, Josue Prado takes his first break to grab breakfast and take a quick nap.

Prado's job is not a glorious one, however, his pride gives him energy to wake up at 2 a.m. six days a week, and drive through snow, sleet and rain.

While driving a trash truck was never Prado's dream career, he has taken solace and dignity in the ability to provide for his family of seven. Prado has six children, and a wife, who live with him in Chenango, N.Y., outside of Syracuse.

November 20, 2015 - 6:16pm
Jess Hafner returned to the area 15 years ago to help manage Chuck Hafner's Farmers Market and Garden Center in North Syracuse, a popular nursery that dates back to his grandfather's farming business that started in 1922.

Jess Hafner has worked at his family’s garden center for his entire life.

Over the years, his responsibilities have increased from sweeping the floors to delegating tasks to his department managers. But he has always kept the customers at the center of what he does.

“We put an awful lot of heart and soul into trying to carry the best product, the highest-quality product, and [giving] the best customer experience that we can,” Hafner said.

November 18, 2015 - 12:50pm
Bruce Paulsen began announcing at WCNY-FM after a diverse career led him both on and off the stage.

“When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to be Johnny Cash,” said Bruce Paulsen, classical music announcer at WCNY-FM. “Back then, I started talking with a fake low voice. But it turned out to be where I live.”

November 11, 2015 - 4:44pm
The downtown food stand, which has been running for over 10 years, was recently named the best food truck in Syracuse.

Pam Dwyer is the owner of Lady Bug Lunch Box located downtown. The red food truck was named the best Syracuse food truck by Syracuse New Times. The title may bring more fame and business to the truck, but the key to Lady Bug Lunch Box's success has been its great food and Dwyer's appealing personality.

November 6, 2015 - 11:08pm
Girl on Girl, a Syracuse feminist art collective founded in 2012, organized an exhibit focusing on the influence of past and present generations.

On Friday Night at the Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse, the art collective Girl on Girl organized an art exhibit showcasing multitudes of art pieces ranging from videos, sculpture, and photography. 

November 6, 2015 - 4:16pm
As Veterans Day approaches, local workers aim to help with the ongoing sacrifice veterans are making.

Martin Goettsch was 18-years-old when he was deployed to fight in the Vietnam War with the Navy. Goettsch remembers the feeling of being far from home, constantly on edge and not knowing when shots would be fired. He remembers the realization that you can save some people, but there will always be those who can’t be saved.

October 6, 2015 - 6:30pm
A Central New York man recounts his struggle with heroin addiction and staying sober.

On a crisp January night, *Brent trudged through the snow, carrying his flat-screen TV to trade for cash. Hours later, he stood in his bare apartment, alone, with his newly purchased heroin needles.  

After a marathon of doping through the night, Brent decided that he could not continue down this path and called the Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare for detoxification services. Since the morning of Jan. 25, 2015, Brent has been clean. 

September 28, 2015 - 8:45pm
LadyFest Syracuse, a one-day mini festival dedicated to feminism provides a space for female-empowered creativity and expression.

On Saturday Sept. 26, the Westcott Community Center was packed with people of all ages and genders at the second annual LadyFest Syracuse event.  Live music, feminist spoken word and artwork viewings were just some of the activities that guests enjoyed at the feminist music and arts festival. 

September 15, 2015 - 4:10pm
Amateur astronomer known as "Barefoot Bob" educates locals during monthly astronomy events across Central New York.

At the end of Wilson Drive, a quiet street in the sleepy village of Marcellus, New York, is a house on a small hill that stands out from all the others. The home would look like any of the other low-key ranches on the block if not for the 12 solar panels installed to the roof, or the eight-foot-tall wind turbine perched on top. A vibrant greenhouse takes up half of this already modest dwelling.