What we're reading: February 21

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading:

Actually, Whole Foods Isn't That Expensive

(Good) We tend to think of natural food stores like Whole Foods as being way over-budget and too expensive to shop at every day. Not so—Whole Foods actually isn't much more expensive when it comes to regular grocery products than many other supermarket chains. This fun chart shows which items Whole Foods carries at the same or lower prices than competing stores from the Boston area.

Cocktails with a Twist: Zing but No Alcohol

(The New York Times) An emerging trend is taking over the bar scene—non-alcoholic cocktails. More and more bars in NYC are recruiting creative bartenders with the brains to invent tasty cocktail combos without the booze, allowing those who cannot drink alcohol alternatives to a boring glass of Coke and lemon. The Bitter Sicilian sounds delish to me; a combination of "pomegranate syrup, lemon and lime juices, nonalcoholic bitters and soda."

A Sample Guide to Eggs

(frites & fries) An absolutely adorable infographic about eggs, where they come from, and their differences!


What we want to eat:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Hazelnuts

(The Italian Dish) Gnocchi takes me back to my nonna and grandmother's homes where they made their own gnocchi from scratch. This is a great spin on traditional potato gnocchi; sweet potatoes add a little extra flavor, and combining them with the nuttiness of my favorite hazelnuts makes this dish a winner in my mind (and mouth!).

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