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Mayfest according to Joe Blum

Joe Blum goes behind the beer and controversy to show what the new SU-sponsored block party is really like.

Want to know what Mayfest is really like? Well, wonder no more. Joe Blum and his trustworthy handheld camcorder take you inside the controversial celebration. With plenty of colorful characters, Capri Sun and profanity-riddled rants, Mayfest is not your ordinary school day.

Blum. Beer. Bedlam. Need we say more?

Mayfest according to Joe Blum from NewsHouse on Vimeo.


Campus Couture

VPA's Annual Fashion Show puts students' work in the runway spotlight.

A chance to see the next possible Marc Jacobs is at your fingertips. Syracuse University's The School of Visual and Performing Arts is hosting their Annual Fashion Show this week, and the night promises to bring plenty of fabulous fashion, glamour, and buzz.  The School of Art and Design's senior fashion design majors will debut their collections during the two-day event.

The Goldstein Auditorium will house the runway show. Seating is available in the balcony for $15, or $10 with a valid student ID. Floor seats are $25 and include access to a cash bar and hors d'oeuvres. All seats are $6.

The event is 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, and 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 30.Tickets are available at the Schine Student Center Box Office. For more information call 315-443-4644.

Battle of the poets

"Take the Mic" pits poets against poets in a verbal slam contest.

17 poets. Two rounds. One winner.

The battle for the “Take the Mic” poetry slam is this week and contestants will be on fire as they scorch their competition with words. Each poet will recite their best original material for up to three minutes in front of five judges. Points will be awarded for stage presence, content, deliver, originality, and time.

Although the top three poets walk away with prizes, only one will be victorious.

Giles Li, a well-known Asian American poet and activist, will charm the audience with his dialogue. The event is presented by SU's Verbal Blend and corresponds with National Poetry Month and SU’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

SU’s own Aaron “FaSho” Hudson will act as host, with music by Redbrick DJs.

“Take the Mic” is 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 22, in the Regency Ballroom of the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center.  Attendance is free.

Get a sneak peek of the competitors’ poetic punches below.  

Merry Mayfest

Mayfest is back this year with a few changes but students must mind their manners.

Spring’s biggest event is back, but will it be the same? Mayfest, typically a lively outside block party stretching across multiple streets, has a new home.

 Walnut Park will be the central location for the day’s festivities. The park will be split into three sections: A free beer trailer for 21 and up, a concert stage offering live performances, and a free food station.

 But the event isn’t a free-for-all.

 In an open letter to the SU community, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner wrote:

 “As Mayor, I have instructed the Syracuse Police Department to strictly enforce the City ordinances during the April 30 Mayfest event in Walnut Park but also along Euclid Avenue and in the East neighborhood.”

 Miner explained the city ordinances of “open containers, excessive noise, littering” are prohibited and anyone in violation will be held responsible. 

 Student Association President Jon Barnhart also sent an open letter to the SU community about Mayfest, saying:

 “This will be a day to celebrate spring, the end of the school year, and the great friendships we all have here at Syracuse University and SUNY ESF. It will truly be a day for students.”

 Mayfest has literally risen from the dead. Earlier this year it was canceled, but SA and University Union have fought to revive the beloved affair.

 Mayfest will be held from 1-5:30 p.m. and leads up to the University Union’s Block Party at 7 p.m. in the Carrier Dome featuring performances by rapper Drake and N.E.R.D.

 To view the letters from Miner and Barnhart and learn more about the day’s schedule, visit the official Mayfest site.  

Unzipping the local scene

Zipped magazine partners with local shops for their new issue.

Zipped magazine is not only fashion savvy, they’ve got business smarts to boot. The SU fashion magazine is strutting into the local Syracuse community one local retailer at a time.

“Partnering with Syracuse stores introduces students to the fashions available locally, which we hope will help strengthen the connection between the students and the city,” says Katy Ann Lyons, the magazine's fashion editor.

 You might recognize some of the goods while flipping through the photo spreads, because Zipped is featuring local merchandise. Some of the hot spots appearing on the pages are Jet Black, Mr. Shop, Bounce, Joette’s, and Rhododendron.

 Check it out yourself when the spring issue of Zipped is available April 15.

Taiwan for a day

The Schine Underground was transformed into a Taiwanese paradise.

The Schine Underground looked like a Taiwanese fairground Wednesday night. The Taiwan Connection hosted a "Taiwan night" from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for SU students to experience Taiwan culture. Taiwanese games, prizes, food, and a flea market comprised the night's activities. Students could try their luck at games like marbles picking, throw the hoop, or poke it. Winners received candy and assorted knick-knacks. If gambling wasn't appealing, you could learn how to make origami or Sand Art.

A makeshift flea market had a rack of clothes and a multitude of crafts for sale under a colorful string of lanterns. A buffet line snaked through the room as students were served fried rice, scallion pancakes, bubble tea, dumplings, and sugar-coated fruit. Each of the eight tables had two Taiwan Connection members uniformed in bright pink T-shirts reading "TaiwanYes!" controlling each station.

Taiwan night at Syracuse University

Roughly 50 students attended the event including first-timers Eva Lyons and Sam Kogan. Kogan, a freshman, saw a flier on campus about Taiwan night and thought it looked like a great time.

"The origami looks totally awesome," Lyons, a junior, enthused.

"Cuisine, culture, toys -- it's fun," Kogan said.


Juice it up

An introduction to the TheNewsHouse's Juice blog.

Hello and welcome to The Juice, The Newshouse's newest blog for campus news and happenings. Our mission is to deliver daily drops of fresh-squeezed news to the SU community. Splashes of pictures, videos, and short text will fill your glass. Enjoy.

Valentine's Day with Joe Blum

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Valentine's Day from NewsHouse on Vimeo.


2009 according to Joe Blum

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2009 according to Joe Blum from NewsHouse on Vimeo.


Halloween According to Joe Blum

Find out why Joe never truly understands why people think Halloween is so awesome.

What's the big deal about Halloween? That's the question on Joe Blum's lips. Blum isn't a fan of the scary, candy-filled holiday. In fact, he'd rather eat a stick of butter. Watch his video to get turned on by pumpkins and scared by fun-sized Snickers bars. See for yourself if the holiday deserves all the hype.

Halloween According to Joe Blum from NewsHouse on Vimeo.