Winter Carnival Fun in Walnut Park

Syracuse University's Winter Carnival events keep students entertained despite the harsh weather. Friday's event: a Human Dog Sled Race.

More than 15 Syracuse University students ventured into the cold and snow Friday afternoon to participate in the Human Dog Sled Race, one of this year’s Winter Carnival events.

Three teams—Delta Sigma Pi, the co-ed business fraternity, “Snowy Girls,” a team of five girls, and the Syracuse University Student Association—competed in the event.

Two race courses marked by orange flags lined Walnut Park. All of the participants arrived laughing and smiling despite the harsh winds and snow.

Photo: Maddy Jones
The winning team of the Human Dog Sled Relay enjoy their victory despite the cold, snowy weather.

“I was very excited when I woke up this morning and saw snow. I thought we would be sledding in grass,” said Bethany Piraino, a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Activities.

Piraino organized the race and encouraged people to participate even if they hadn’t already registered for the event.

“We have lately been marketing so that if students hear [about the event] and want to show up to participate, they can,” Piraino said.

Team “Snowy Girls” prepared for the competition by having a snowball fight. “I’m pumped. This is my first time participating. It’s senior year so I figured I might as well do something,” said May Lo, a team member.

Delta Sigma Pi returned this year as the reigning champions.

“We always win,” said Hailey Steer, the brotherhood chair for Delta Sigma Pi.           

It was a three-part race. First, the entire team built a snowball that stood 18 inches high. Next, each player was forced to spin around a baseball bat 10 times. Finally, one team member sat on the sled while the remaining four pulled the sled to the finish line.

Delta Sigma Pi scraped past the Student Association to win for a second year in a row. They won by a mere three seconds with a time of two minutes and 37 seconds. The Student Association was on their heels with a time of two minutes and 40 seconds. Team “Snowy Girls,” came in third at three minutes and 29 seconds.

All three teams received Starbucks gift cards for participating. Delta Sigma Pi celebrated their victory by going to the Starbucks on Marshall Street and spending their gift cards. 

“We’re the two-time champs. Get ready for next year's team, which will be bigger and better,” Steer said. 

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