The Westcott Theater welcomes Datsik for the Ninja Nation Tour

Datsik and more performed at the Westcott Theater Feb. 8.

Despite the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures that burdened the city of Syracuse last night, EDM fans did not hold out. The Westcott Theater blessed this snowy city with a highly anticipated lineup of four insanely talented artists: Wooli, Riot Ten, Space Jesus, and headliner Datsik. The venue was truly packed, with a large crowd forming as soon as doors opened at 8:00 pm, and even more fans piling in as the night went on.

Immediately upon observing the room, it was obvious that each artist was successfully blowing the crowd away with their unique, heavy-hitting sounds. Fans of dubstep, bass, trap, house and more united to bask in the glorious bass-heavy beats of these four EDM icons. 

Melodic bass artist Wooli opened up the show with some hard drops that caught listeners off guard in the best way possible. He wowed the crowd with tracks that sounded like a combination of dubstep mogul Excision and future bass artist Illenium.

Next up was Riot Ten, a DJ and producer known for his music that blends genres of dubstep, hardstyle, trap, and even hip-hop. He threw down original tracks and popular remixes like Noy’s “I’m Pickle Rick” remix that had fans head-banging as if they had bass bleeding from their ears. A noticeable portion of the crowd were clearly big fans of Riot Ten, showing their love for the DJ as they screamed along with their favorite drops. Scattered throughout the venue were fans wearing T-shirts that read, “Yeah, I’m a Head Banger!”

By the sound of the massive roar that came from the crowd as Space Jesus took the stage, it was obvious that fans were more than ready to get down to his signature alien-like basslines, future feels and extreme low-frequency bass. Often Space Jesus' shows consist of slower, spacey hip-hop beats and trippy stage lighting, but this time around he brought out his heavier, head-banger tracks and epic visuals to match the darker vibe of the Ninja Nation Tour. Fans of Space Jesus stuck out in the crowd, sporting some “headier” clothing such as Grassroots snapbacks, custom pins, pashminas, and alien-inspired apparel. Jasha Tull, the genius behind the Space Jesus act, gave such a captivating performance that some may have forgotten there was another set after his!

Finally came the headliner that everyone had been waiting for: dubstep king and beloved EDM ninja, Datsik. The venue was absolutely packed as fans stood in awe of his incredible stage setup. Just as expected, Datsik came in full force with his ninja temple stage, light saber and signature samurai helmet. He had the crowd screaming with every heavy drop that he threw in their faces. Fans of all shapes and sizes were grinning ear-to-ear and banging their heads in unison as if it were choreographed. A friendly, yet powerful mosh pit broke out in the middle of the dance floor as Datsik dropped tracks by fellow EDM artist Excision. Space Jesus fans went wild as soon as they heard Bassnectar and G Jones’ “Underground” get thrown into the mix. Even Space Jesus himself stood in the midst of the crowd, supporting his buddy Datsik and headbanging along with the rest of us.

One fan was eager to express her pure exhilaration and said “All four sets were absolutely incredible, and a super unique experience to see live. Space Jesus coming into the crowd made it feel so much more real. I loved how the artists made it feel as if we were at a bigger show, when really it was such a small and intimate audience.”

The Westcott Theater truly killed it with an epic lineup and exceptionally smooth event production. These four EDM luminaries turned a regular Wednesday night into a bass music party filled with good vibes and great sounds. Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour is one you really don’t want to miss!

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