Training builds confidence for first-time bodybuilding competitor

Sophomore Peggy Pappas has been working out six days per week and adhering to a very strict diet plan before this Saturday's Kentucky Muscle event.

Syracuse University sophomore Peggy Pappas is training for her first bodybuilding competition. Having spent the past few months getting her body into top shape, Pappas is entering crunch time before the April 19 contest.

Pappas is competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) bikini division at a strength and fitness extravaganza called Kentucky Muscle, which will take place in Louisville, Ky.

The competition includes bodybuilding, physique, bikini, USA armwrestling, figure and “gods of grappling” divisions. By choosing to compete in the bikini contest, Pappas must wear a two-piece swimsuit, high heels and potentially jewelry if she chooses to.

She will be judged on her balance and shape, as well as her overall physical appearance, which includes her complexion, skin tone, poise and presentation.

Pappas has been preparing for this competition by exercising around six days a week and by holding herself to a very strict diet. Pappas eats four to six times a day, and only consumes things that are very high in protein or nutrients. But she does allow herself one cheat day a week.

Pappas was inspired to enter the competition by a family friend who competes in bodybuilding himself, telling her that she would excel at it. As an involved member of the SU Dance Team and a fitness fanatic, Pappas believed it was a great idea and jumped right on it.

Hoping to eventually gain her NPC pro card, Pappas is excited for her first contest and hopes to enter and compete in many more.

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