Shuttle driver doubles as storyteller

Robert McNeill, who drives both the Shuttle 44 and the Shuttle U Home, talks about his different experiences transporting people late at night.

Robert McNeill is a former Syracuse University student and army veteran who is currently employed as a driver for Shuttle 44 under the Department of Public Safety. He also drives the Shuttle U Home for Students for Community Safety, a branch of DPS.

Shuttle 44 is a shuttle service that takes students, faculty and staff to their main campus and south campus residence after hours. Shuttle U Home takes students, faculty and staff to their off campus residence after hours as well.

McNeill is a native of Brooklyn, NY and moved to Syracuse when he was a teenager. He has a wife and two children. When McNeill is not working as a shuttle driver, he works security and performs poetry all over the city.

McNeill came to Syracuse University for his undergraduate studies, but dropped out to pursue a career in poetry. After working a few years as a poet, McNeill joined the army, where he was able to see the world. He often tells passengers about his experiences during those times and he never forgets to mention his daughter and show pictures of her in the process.

McNeill likes driving the shuttle because he can interact with people from around the world, hearing their stories and telling his. Driving the shuttle also influences his poetry. He also likes the shuttle because of the crazy things that happen with passengers.

Shuttle passengers like Newhouse senior Ashley Obasi and numerous others love to ride the shuttle with McNeill. He gives them advice and a poetry show on the ride home. McNeill creates a friendly atmosphere in his shuttle; Obasi compared it to riding in one of her friend’s cars.

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