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Korean drum club member rises in the ranks to musical leader

As Carolyn Kim prepares for her Korean drumming group's campus performance Sunday, she also prepares to become the group's new leader.

As a member of Cheon Ji In, a traditional Korean drumming group on campus, Carolyn Kim has found herself in a peculiar position.

The chemistry and forensic science sophomore is currently the sub-musical, which is second in command of the group. However while filling this role, she is simultaneously being groomed for the musical leader position she will fill next year when her predecessors graduate.

“It’s been pretty rough, but I’m getting used to it now finally,” Kim said of the transition. 

As she learns this new position, Kim faces various challenges. She has to learn all four of the main drums the players in the group perform with. Despite a limited musical background, Kim already knows how to play three of them well, but admits she has little experience with the fourth. 

“Before joining the club I never had experience with drums,” she said. “It’s my first time, and I’ve learned a lot through the past years. It’s been a lot of fun.” 

Kim must also become comfortable with the other members in the group. Kim emphasized that in order to be successful, she must connect with everyone else in the performance on more than just a musical level. 

“It’s really important to keep it as a group,” she said. “Besides the musical aspect, we need to bond well as a group, as people.”

Overall, Kim said the transition from her current position to leading the group has been difficult, especially last semester when she first began the learning process. She said it’s hard to believe that before long, those above her will be gone and she will have a much larger role. However despite any difficulties she has encountered or may encounter in the future, Kim is confident she will be able to do what is required as the leader of the group.

“It’s kind of difficult to imagine how it’s going to be next year without the leader who’s doing it right now,” she said, “But I think I can cope with it.

"I’ll learn. I’ll get through.”

The group will hold a performance in Schine Underground April 7 at 4 p.m. The performace is free and open to the public.  

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