Hotel Garuda, Sam Feldt turn opening Bandersnatch into dance party

Review: EDM DJs Hotel Garuda opened and Sam Feldt finished what was truly a memorable sold-out Bandersnatch concert.

Virtually every song Sam Feldt played during University Union’s first Bandersnatch concert of the year was met with dancing from the college kids that came to see the 23-year-old perform.

An aura of happiness followed the young DJ, who headlined the concert Wednesday night. Feldt performed for well over an hour, periodically slowing down the current song he was mixing to thank the audience. His presence and masterful mixing impressed everyone in the room.

Photo: Rachel Kline

The sold-out concert in Schine Underground was a major hit, with fans going home with smiles on their faces. The only negative was that Feldt was slightly late, which meant interviews had been canceled. It was the only blemish of the night, with both Feldt and opener Hotel Garuda captivating the audience.

While only half of Hotel Garuda – which consists of Manila Killa and Candle Weather – performed, Candle Weather certainly got the crowd hyped up. He performed house hits that gave the crowd a preview of the main performer.

Following his performance, Candle Weather – or Aseem Mangaokar, as he's known offstage – said he woke up at 4:30 that morning and flew to Chicago before taking another plane to Syracuse. But jet lag wasn't stopping this DJ; following his set he asked where the after parties were, saying he wasn't sober but could afford to sleep in.

Feldt took the stage next. He started his set with "Show Me Love,” the song that propelled him to fame. The song, originally by American singer Robin S. in 1990, was remade featuring vocals from Kimberly Anne in 2015.

When Feldt finished, he ran to the audience to take selfies with many fans, keeping his signature smile throughout.

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