Eight apps to keep you safe over spring break

Whether you’re headed to Cancun or Cabo, download these eight apps to your phone to avoid any unnecessary danger over spring break.

After spending countless hours studying for exams, working on projects and writing essays, many students want to enjoy a relaxing week away from their troubles and responsibilities. For some, this includes traveling to California, Florida or even a foreign country such as Mexico or Canada.

While traveling over spring break is a popular way for students to enjoy themselves in a stress-free environment, it can also lead to potentially dangerous situations.

Don’t worry, though. The NewsHouse has compiled a list of eight of the most helpful apps to keep you safe while you enjoy your weeklong break away from Syracuse.



Walking alone in an unfamiliar area can be a concern for many. Companion helps alleviate those worries by providing a live map of your location and movement to select individuals you list as your “Companions.” These trusted friends and family members are then sent a link where they can then track your progress as you travel to your destination. The app can also sense unusual incidents within your trek such as if you start running or if your phone falls to the ground. You can also report certain areas as dangerous by hitting the “I Feel Nervous” button as well as calling the local police through the app. (For iPhone | For Android)


Similar to Companion, bSafe is also a popular free personal safety app. In addition to sending a live map of your movement to designated individuals, bSafe also has a timer mode, which will sound an alarm if you have not checked in by your scheduled arrival time. The app also features a fake call mode to make your phone ring in case you need an excuse to leave an uncomfortable situation. (For iPhone | For Android)


Circle of 6

For anyone worried about being in a dangerous situation where texting or calling someone isn’t a safe option, Circle of 6 is a vital app to download. The app allows users to create a “circle” of six of his or her most trusted friends or family members. If a user ever feels unsafe, he or she can send a pre-programmed “come and get me” text message to the user’s circle, which will also include the user’s current location. The app also offers resources for healthy relationships and sexual health. (For iPhone | For Android)



While there are a number of navigation apps available, Waze rises above the rest due to its additional features and “crowd-sourced alerts.” In addition to helping direct you to your destination, Waze also allows users to inform others about traffic, weather, potholes and more. Waze will then take this information and provide you the opportunity to adjust your route accordingly. (For iPhone | For Android)


Drunk Mode

Unlike the previous apps listed, Drunk Mode is actually geared towards college students. The popular app allows users to block themselves from drunk dialing certain individuals, track their friends via a GPS locator and show where someone went the previous night in case your memory is foggy. Michael Isenberg, a Drunk Mode campus ambassador and photography senior, described Drunk Mode as, “essentially a party app, but also a safety app.” (For iPhone | For Android)



If you have an old smartphone, you also have a free security system – if you use the free personal security app Presence, that is. Presence allows you to turn your old smartphone into a free security camera and motion detector. If you are worried about theft attempts in your hotel room, you can position your old smartphone in a corner of the room to receive motion detection video alerts. Designated individuals can also receive alerts. In addition, Presence also provides two-way video calls. (For iPhone | For Android)



Losing your wallet in general can be unnerving, but losing your wallet while you’re in a foreign country surrounded by hundreds of other college students partying and celebrating spring break is terrifying. Luckily, Tile allows users to purchase tiny Bluetooth trackers that they can then put on any essential items. Users will then be able to locate these items by using the app, making sure nothing important ever gets lost again. (For iPhone | For Android)



Although people try to deny the dangers of spring break hotspots, robberies and assaults occur when people are in a foreign place. To be prepared, make sure you download SafeSnapp. This app allows users to take and send three pictures of your attacker and your location to your email as well as the SafeSnapp server. That information can then be provided to the police to help aid their investigation. (For iPhone | For Android)

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