Carnage @ Westcott Theater

DJ Carnage visits the Westcott Theater

World-renowned DJ Carnage dazzles Westcott Theater concert-goers with "I Like Tuh," "November Skies" and remix of Adele's "Hello."

DJ Carnage put on a great show Thursday night at the Westcott Theater. His stop in Syracuse was part of the "Papi Gordo Tour," which began following the release of his EP at the end of last October.


Carnage was battling illness during the performance and canceled a show in Albany the night before because of it. On his Twitter, he announced to his 223,000 followers that he threw up all over his shoes right after the show - and not because he drank. 


Nonetheless, the ailing 25-year-old was able to perform for the crowd. His ability to change genre within a set is second to none. He switched between rap, hip-hop, dance, trap, hard style and moombahton. All of them were soundly planned and delivered. Some memorable songs were, of course, his widely popular song "I Like Tuh," featuring ILoveMakonnen, his single "November Skies" and a remix to Adele's "Hello."


The show did not go without a hitch. Near the end of Carnage's set, the power in the place went out followed by a fire alarm. The crowd stayed in the building, however, and after about a five-minute delay, power and sound came back. Carnage was bothered by the mishap. "Well, that was f––ing annoying," he said on the mic. He played one more song and then promptly got off the stage. 


Carnage was fronted by Kayzo and Valentino Khan. He'll be in Philadelphia on Friday night.

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