The cutting room floor: Syracuse's alternative movie scene

Three central New York theaters offer a dramatically different movie experience.

It’s Saturday night, and you want to catch a movie.  You could, like the majority of the SU student population, head to Carousel Mall.  There you’ll find big-budget action flicks, romantic comedies, animated children’s movies and the occasional star-studded drama. But you want something different.  Maybe The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish film based on the thrilling books of the same name.  Maybe Flaming Creatures, a black and white experimental movie.  Or maybe Blue Gold: World Water Wars, a documentary on the international fight for water. 

They’re easier to find than you might think.

These films were recently screened at the Manlius Art Cinema, The Red House and Palace Theater, respectively.  The venues are part of the small, but nevertheless present, alternative local movie scene.

To read more about these three theaters, check out the links below:

Manlius Art Cinema:

The Red House:

Palace Theater:


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