Centro bus schedule confusing for students

Some find the times listed on the campus bus schedule are inaccurate and unreliable.

When Primavera Vasquez first took the Centro bus last year, she was instantly struck by the discrepancy between the times listed on the bus schedule and the bus’ actual arrival time.

“I’m from New York City, so I’m used to the bus schedule, but it’s just that the times don’t always match with the bus, especially if you’re going to the mall on a regular weekday,” Vasquez, an international relations junior, said.

Many students struggle to catch the bus on time and figure out which bus they need.  As a result, Information and Events Scheduling student employees are tasked with answering questions at the information desk in the Schine Student Center.

Samadhi Moreno, an IES student employee, said the Centro website is tricky.

“To find the SU schedules, you have to go to ‘Colleges and Universities,’ and then go to ‘Syracuse University schedules,’ so I guess that’s why it’s hard for people,” Moreno said.

Students can view the Syracuse University bus schedule, use Centro’s Trip Planner or get paper schedules in Schine. Moreno suggested students check their routes in advance.

“If you want to go to the Regional Transportation Center to get a bus, you’ve got to make sure that you pick a route that goes straight there because if you pick one that goes downtown, you’ll have to get a transfer,” she said.

But Vasquez, the international relations junior, employs a less traditional method — taking a picture of the bus schedule with her phone.

“I have it there so I know the average time that the bus will get there, so I know to be earlier than the time it says so that I can get to places on time,” she said.

Ultimately, mastering Centro is a matter of becoming more familiar with the city, Moreno said.

“I feel like the more you know the city and the addresses and the directions, the easier it will be for you to figure out where to go, where the transfer is,” she said.  

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