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Sisters in harmony

Twin sisters Naomi and Mary Carlson bond over their love of singing and their talent for sports.

From the moment they were born, Naomi and Mary Carlson were in perfect harmony.

As identical twins, the sisters grew up doing everything together, rarely apart even in a household of seven children.

Naomi and Mary continue their bond by attending a college thousands of miles from their Alaskan home. The twins are both members of the Syracuse University rowing team, sing in perfect pitch and, until their junior year, lived together on campus. They showcase their vocal talents by singing the national anthem at SU sporting events, including the men’s lacrosse home opener on Feb. 20.

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Just as their voices form a near perfect harmony, their personalities mesh as well. The twins finish each other’s sentences, talk over each other and laugh at untold jokes, showcasing their vivacious personalities. 

“We love being twins. You have to live it up,” Mary said. “If you can’t get along that sucks. I feel we were put together for a reason. You can’t choose your family.”

“I went through this period where I didn’t want to be everything my sister is, but I am,” Naomi said. “Singing is something we both enjoy. Sports [are] something we both enjoy. Why not do it together?”

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