Brandon Linn

November 19, 2010 - 5:33pm
Though they're 200 miles apart, SU's rising hip-hop and electronic duo Mouth's Cradle prepares to drop a 15-track mixtape.

Hunched over a computer in his messy room filled with comic books, anime paraphernalia and empty mugs, Kevin Hegedus — tall, skinny and bespectacled — looked at his laptop. He clicked past folders and files like “Pokémon Sounds,” “Billy Budd,” “Desktop Clutter” and “Overflow Clutter,” trying to get to his latest e-mail from Brandon Linn, his musical partner-in-crime. Brandon — shorter, baby-faced and more than 200 miles away — had just spent hours in front of his Dell laptop and his electronic keyboard composing beats and samples to send to Kevin.