You can still make a living playing jazz

Video: Guitarist Tom Bronzetti is playing anywhere from four to six performances a week.

Tom Bronzetti played guitar for less than a third of his life.  The 25-year-old didn't let any lack of experience stop him, and he worked his way into studying music at Ithaca College and the New School for Jazz in New York City. Now  the CNY native plays with seasoned jazz veterans from the area such as Jane Monheit and Charlie Bertini but his work isn't done yet.

Bronzetti is making a living as a jazz guitarist here in CNY. He plays anywhere from four to six performances a week, and when he is not at a “gig,” he is either practicing or rehearsing songs with his friends (who also happen to be committed jazz musicians). During his long, daily practice sessions he arranges songs, improves his guitar proficiency, and composes new ideas of his own.

In the Central New York jazz community, musicians make an effort to learning each other’s songs. This allows jazz musicians to play with each other in all kinds of various combinations.   Some nights Bronzetti will play with just a bass player.  The next night he may be joined by a keyboardist and drummer.  Then later in the week he may play with a big band complete with a full horn section. 

For Bronzetti, it’s about knowing the song so well you could sing it in your sleep.

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