Recycling in the winter

In the third G-Fit series post, a recycling specialist from OCRRA shares her advice on recycling in the wintertime, giving students no excuse but to use the blue bins.

There might not be much around Syracuse that’s green these days, but that doesn’t mean your recycling habits have to hibernate for the season. Recycling specialist Sarah Stewart from the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) shared some tips on recycling during the winter.

Apartment complexes with shared dumpsters

Yes, it is cold outside, but as Stewart put it, “the trash has to go out either way.” Take out the trash and the recycling in one trip. She also said that many complexes provide blue recycling containers with handles that make it easier to carry everything outside. The containers come courtesy of OCRRA, but you can ask your landlord if you don’t have one.

In the case it ever snows in Syracuse again, don’t be deterred from recycling if the dumpster or rolling cart is sitting underneath a layer of snow. Stewart suggests asking your landlord to clean them off. You can also use the sliding doors on the sides.

Apartment houses

The wind can be a nuisance. To keep papers from getting swept out of your recycling bin, stack it under another bin that has heavier items like metals or plastics. This will also help keep precipitation out.

In case you’re battling high snow banks, Stewart says to make sure the recycling hauler can see your bin by placing it on top of the bank and burrowing it in so it doesn’t blow into the road. If a bin get broken or lost, request a new one online here, using the “I Want To” drop down menu. You can also call 315-448-2489.


You have no excuse. Students can use the trash and recycling rooms on their floors as usual.



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