Flea Market Sundays

Go for a treasure hunt in Central New York's Regional Market Authority.

Need an accordian? How about a hatchet? Or what about a clear toilet brush with seashells and plastic seaweed floating around inside the handle?  Maybe you didn't need these things before, but if you need them now, head to Central New York's Regional Market Authority for its Sunday Flea Markets.

From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., 2100 Park St. becomes a bustling bazaar with vendors from all over the region. Some sell their homemade wares; others sell the slightly used; others sell antiques. My favorite find was a collection of campaign buttons featuring slogans for Nixon, FDR and others, each only $2. It's also a great place to buy furniture for cheap. Spritzed here and there are some pretty good looking wooden chairs and small tables. 

Wading through the sea of stuff can get exhausting. Luckily there are several places to get an energy boost. There are vendors selling food including donuts, pizza, hot dogs and grinders. I picked up a freshly-made donut rolled in cinnamon sugar, perfect for a fall day. 

The Flea Market runs all year round, so check it out some Sunday, and have fun!

Happy adventuring!

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