First day fashion

Syracuse students dressed to impress, prepare for the weather and show off their individual styles for the inaugural day of the fall semester.

Many Syracuse University students, returning or new, planned ahead to make their fashionable debut for the coming academic year.

Syracuse is still hot and humid, so some students opted for tanktops and shorts. Many chose bright, even shocking colors to catch others' attention or combat the greyness of the day's weather. Bold prints, color blocking and oversized accessories were also a favorite.

In the fashion world – and apparently at SU – there is a season called pre-fall. Many students are donning ankle boots, short leather jackets and scarves. When the sun goes down and it starts to get cool and windy, those choices will prove wise.

Although most of them said, "Oh, I just picked up whatever I saw right in my closet," we're not fooled. It takes work to look this good. And no matter how old you are, you always want to dress up for your first day of school. Check out the slideshow of trendy students we spotted around campus today.


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