Artist to Watch: Parlovr

Canada is quickly becoming the next great country for hot music, like Sweden has proven over the years, and Parlovr is Canada's latest contender.

With gust-busting drumming, seismic crashing hooks and addictive melodies, Parlovr is my latest Canadian crush.

So many great bands are bursting out of Canada now and have been for years, like Tokyo Police Club, Crystal Castles and Metric, just to name a few. It's also no wonder Parlovr sounds a lot like the next coming of Canada-great, Arcade Fire.

Parlovr is characterized as "messy pop," but it's hard to take any musical category seriously anymore. It seems like there's a new genre taped together everyday. For now, I'm just calling Parlovr's genre: awesome pop.

Parlovr's 2008 self-titled debut album is headlined by instant indie-rock classic "Pen to the Paper," which is a thoughtful rock ballad with enough wailing guitar and hot throat to make it a rock orchestra. It just blares so dramatically, it's impossible not to draw comparisons to Arcade Fire when they use slick keyboard notes in the backdrop.

It doesn't stop there though! They're from Montreal, which is the closest great Canada music scene to Syracuse. If you dig Parlovr's dramatic ballads, get some friends and take a road trip up north to Montreal for their show at Le National on October 15 and 16. Not only will the show be sick, but you can also party afterwards in one of funnest cities in Canada.

Listen to Parlovr's "On the Phone" below.



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