Jack Thomas Williams


About Me: 

Jack comes to The NewsHouse after spending almost 3 years in Madrid, Spain. While there, his main vocation was teaching, however he spent much of his free time writing about pop culture and sports on his blog as well as various websites such as popculturesocialclub.com. He also experimented with producing and editing video, including dabbling in the music video genre.

Before Spain, Jack graduated from the Univeristy of San Diego in the spring of 2010 with a dual degree in Communication Studies and Spanish, as well as a minor in Business Administration.

He loves a variety of forms of writing that include blog posts, long-form articles, profiles, features, reviews, songs and screenplays. He's also been involved with audio productions such as a radio show while he was at USD and a number of podcasts focusing on pop culture, sports and travel.

Jack watches copius amounts of television and feature films, and in his spare time enjoys running and leveling out the running with different samplings of cheese.

You can find his blog, 'The Haps with J Will,' here.



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