The Orange Pop: Fall Movies, Kanye vs. Kimmel, and Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive (Episode 5)

The boys talk fall movies and what it means for the Oscar race, what in the heck was going on with Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel, and who Esquire crowned as their Sexiest Woman Alive.

This week we go over some fall movies such as 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, and The Wolf of Wall Street and expand on what they mean in the bigger picture Oscar race.

We then re-hash the saga between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel, who came out on top, what exactly is going on in Kanye's head, and more.

We finish by discussing Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive and other beautiful ladies out there.

The Orange Pop is produced by two arts journalism graduate students, Nick Reichert aka 'Tall Nick' and Nick Schmeidicker aka 'Schmidty', and television-radio-film graduate student Jack Williams aka 'JWill.'

Dear Loren, Before addressing

Dear Loren,

Before addressing some of your concerns, we would like to thank you for listening each week.

Concerning "The Wolf of Wall Street" and how we referred to it as Scorcese's first digital film, it was an oversight and we certainly take responsibility for not realizing that "Hugo" was shot digitally. With regard to the suggestion that we portrayed it as if we had already seen the film, we went back and listened and we have to respectfully disagree. We called it the pinnacle of filmmaking because of who is involved and our expectations of what's to come. We never implied that we had already seen it.

As for a discussion on the Esquire list, we understand that it could come off as superficial. However, we took the time to point out qualities, as you mentioned, besides just their looks. We didn't think it was wrong to point out some of the beautiful women in the limelight and celebrate them for what they are. We didn't compare them to other women who we saw as unattractive. We didn't demean anyone in the process, and we never referred to Kate Upton as "plus-sized." We said that she has curves and we don't think there is anything wrong with that. We understand that perhaps the nature of the discussion would cause people to take a step back, but we stick to the assertion that we went about it in a professional way and that the Esquire list is relevant in today's pop culture world. It isn't something outrageous as the National Enquirer, and we chose to discuss the topic in a tactful way.

We hope that this helps to address some of the concerns you had, and we hope that you will continue to listen in the future.


The Orange Pop Team


I've been listening since the first episode but haven't commented until now.

1) "Wolf of Wall Street" is not, as you state, Scorsese's first digital film. "Hugo" was shot digitally (in 3D) and I believe his 2010 documentary "Public Speaking" was shot digitally as well.

Also, you mention that you guys saw "12 Years a Slave" at TIFF, where did you you see "Wolf" which one of your commentators called "pinnacle of filmmaking" which strongly implies he saw it.

2) Kate Upton is not a bigger, plus sized woman, she is still very skinny and why is a serious pop culture podcast even dealing with Esquires List? I like that you touched on the non physical qualities of these women and I know plenty of women who like these lists, but in a society that tells women that it's better to be a very narrowly defined version of "sexy" above all else don't you see lists like Esquire's a big part of the problem and therefore under your dignity. What are you, Entertainment Tonight? It's times like this I really wish you had a Women's Studies major in your group. Or mane just a women.

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