We love to hate snow: 5 reasons why

Some people can't get enough of snow in Syracuse, but others can't wait for it to melt. Here are five reasons why.

Love snow? Hate the cold? As you trudge to class in the piles of Syracuse snow, think about what makes you enjoy the snow. Is it the way it drapes over the houses? The way it quiets every sound around you?


And for those who just want the white stuff to melt, take a minute to vent it all out with these fun recipes, memes and photos.

Didn't get your fix of everything snow? Then take your own Instagram photos with #snowacuse and check them out below.


1. Make your own snow cream! Follow this homemade recipe.


Sometimes "eating it" just isn't worth it.

Courtesy Wainwright Army

2. Classes cancelled? Time to watch Netflix all day!



If you go to school in Syracuse, chances are you still have to get to class. Good luck.

Chrissy Hunt|Flickr

3. Cold days mean hot beverages all day! Spice up your hot cocoa with this recipe.



Hot drinks only warm you up so much and cold is just, well, cold.

Courtesy The Herping Derp blog

4. Piles of snow means building snowmen, making snow angels and pelting friends with soft (no ice) snowballs.

Here's Hallmark's step-by-step on building a snowman.


All that snow and salt falls off your boots, onto your floor and gets on your dry socks. Joy.


5. Finally, snow covers the world in a blanket of beauty.

Simon and His Camera|Flickr



Plows dump dirty piles all over.


Mark Turnauckas|Flickr

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