Things easier than camping out for the Syracuse-Duke game

Students pitch tents outside Gate E more than a week before the sold-out, Feb. 1 showdown in the Carrier Dome to establish an SU-Duke rivalry.

Wondering what the Devil they're doing outside?

Students have already set up shop outside the Carrier Dome with the excitement of the Syracuse-Duke men's basketball matchup nearly two weeks before tip-off.

This week's dangerously cold temperatures have temporarily suspended students from camping overnight in the so-called "Boheimburg." But thanks to the student fan club, Otto's Army, those who braved the freezing weather won't lose their place in line for the Feb. 1 game.

To "ensure students' dedication and enthusiasm for seat placement in the student section remains intact, Otto's Army has created a schedule to maintain sportsmanship and honesty through the freezing temperatures." This schedule lists the upcoming days and times that students are permitted to wait outside the Dome.

The decision to suspend camping was made by Otto's Army president Ben Glidden.

After facing the cold for a six-hour shift at the Carrier Dome Tuesday morning, Glidden said to himself that "maybe we should rethink this."

"It's for the safety of the students," Glidden said.

The public communications senior said that the last time students were permitted to camp inside the Dome was in 2011 for the Villanova game. The difference then, he said, was that it was only for a few days before the game -- not 10 or 11 -- and the number of students to keep warm was much greater. He said that bringing students inside creates unneccesary costs, like extra heating, and the cost of security personnel.

Glidden said that as of Tuesday, there were eight groups, each comprised of four students. One student is required to stay at the Dome to represent the group at all times. Students have been camping out since Sunday.

The point of this campout, said Glidden, is to establish a rivalry. He said this "isn't a rivalry if you think about it. We haven't played them. This isn't established at all."

"What we're doing is we're showing the world, we're showing the campus, we're showing the community how much we value this game, and how important it is to this group," he said.

"Rivalries can't just be established overnight."

Though rivalries can't be established over night, bone-chillingly cold temperatures can. Following are a few things, The NewsHouse suggests are easier to do than camp out for the Syracuse-Duke game.


Climbing Mt. Everest

Walking to Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole

Swimming in January

Licking a frozen pole

Being the bike delivery guy at Jimmy John's

Watching Downton Abbey without crying


Finding Miley Cyrus not licking construction equipment

Finding the Holy Grail

Destroying the Death Star

Killing Voldemort

Interviewing Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks

Pulling Excalibur out of the boulder

And camping out for the Georgetown game.

(Photo: Spencer Bodian)


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