Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club travels to PA for festival and tournament

Syracuse University's quidditch team participates in the annual Brotherly Love Quidditch Cup and Harry Potter Festival.

The sound of John Williams’ compositional strings played in the air. Adults and children alike dressed in costumes of wizards, prison mates, owls, and muggles. And ten athletic teams competed against each other on PVC pipes at Chestnut Hill College on October 22. This could only amount to the annual Brotherly Love Quiddtich Cup and Harry Potter Festival.

The Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club road tripped to Philadelphia, PA to play in the unofficial tournament and placed third. While the team was busy with its four games in five hours, there were various events and stands that emulated an effect of magic among reality. Between the Harry Potter soundtrack for intense and “flighty” quidditch moments, free handmade wands, potions (bubble bath solution or incense), and alcoholic butterbeer, one section of Philadelphia became a temporary wizarding world.

“It's always a fun tournament because it mixes the origins of Quidditch (Harry Potter) with the actual adapted game,” said Chelley Pietras, captain of the Syracuse Snare quidditch team. “It allows our Harry Potter freak flags to fly--which was awesome this year especially because we have so many real Harry Potter lovers on the team”

This year the Syracuse Snare has a lot of freshmen on the team. Pietras said this tournament gives them a chance to play teams they wouldn’t normally play in the Northeast Region or Snowbelt Conference.

As this was the 6th Annual Harry Potter Fest and 7th Annual Brotherly Love Quidditch Cup, the weekend proved to offer a lot for the Syracuse Snare, regardless of academic year. The mix-up of teams and merchandise and activities makes the tournament a unique experience for players and attendees alike.

“It's super fun to play with a big audience, which is a unique characteristic of The Cup of Brotherly Love in Chestnut Hill,” Pietras said. “For some of our players, it's the first time they experience playing in front of a crowd, and it really pumps everyone up!”

For any fan of Harry Potter, Germantown Avenue was the place to visit for shopping and hunger needs. Iron Hill Brewery hung dozens of candles and envelopes from its ceiling and became The Great Hall. The Market at the Fareway hosted a costume contest and Snape’s Outdoor Potion Bar. As unique stores and pubs turned their locations into Harry Potter merchandise hot spots, activities ranging from live owl shows to fortune tellers attracted over 15,000 people, according to

Attendees crowded the quidditch pitches between the following teams: Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia Honey Badgers, University of Pittsburgh, Franklin and Marshall College, Lafayette College, Kutztown University, Stockton University, Drexel University, Salisbury University, and Syracuse University.

The magic continued on the pitch between games when a resident of York, PA, Jonathan Kaiser, proposed to his girlfriend, Jenna Lingle. Although neither of them play quidditch, Kaiser popped the question with the ring enclosed in a brass snitch, which was made from a 3D printer.

“She’s probably one of the biggest Harry Potter fans that I know,” Kaiser said. “I didn’t know of any other perfect occasion, other than quidditch, to [propose] at.”

Syracuse Snare won the first game 130-90 against Chestnut Hill College, after Seeker Josh Hintz pulled the snitch. Hintz also pulled the snitch in the second game against Kutztown, ringing in Syracuse’s second win 100-60.

Syracuse’s third game was the beginning of the semi-finals, which the Snare won against Kutztown again 100-20, with Chris Chambers as Seeker. The Snare’s next game against PIttsburgh resulted in a Syracuse loss 120-20. Because the 7th Annual Brotherly Love Cup was not an official tournament, the results do not affect Syracuse Snare’s standing in the U.S. Quidditch organization.

Watch the 360 Video to get a quick tour of Chestnut Hill College. See how many costumes you can count and keep an eye out at the end for Syracuse Snare against Kutztown! You can even turn to see the second quidditch pitch.

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