Warm Weather Strikes SU

Students bask in November sunshine

The campus community reacts to the unseasonably warm weather in the past two days.

When Henry Chang woke up this morning, he wondered, “What happened in Syracuse?”

The architecture senior repeated the question to himself when he walked to campus — nearly breaking a sweat — and saw summer clothes that had been resurrected from the depths of students’ closets.

“I feel like they’re excited about the sun — those people who wear crop tops,” Chang said. “Syracuse weather is usually so depressing. Seeing it today — it’s more optimistic.”

“Syracuse weather is usually so depressing. Seeing it today — it’s more optimistic.” -Henry Chang, senior architecture student

Hitting a high 71 degrees today, Syracuse falls just shy of the 1994 record of 72 degrees, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Here at Syracuse University, students splayed themselves across the Quad, soaking up the unseasonably warm weather.

International relations junior Alicia Drummond decided against summertime wear and opted for a fall-appropriate skirt and long-sleeve top. As a seasoned SU student, she knows that the other shoe could drop at any time, and she expects freezing weather to make its return in the near future.

“Yesterday I sent a text that was like, ‘It’s not crop top weather,’” Drummond said. “I think it’s good to enjoy the current sunny day, but — I feel dramatic — it makes me nervous about global warming.”

Illustration adjunct professor Danny Schwartz commutes from Queens each week to teach on Wednesdays and Thursdays on campus. Sadly, he said, he’ll be spending the afternoon on a six-hour bus ride back to the city.

“It sucks. It’s awful. There’s nothing good about it,” Schwartz said. “I’m going to be spending the entire day pawing at the window knowing it’s nice out.”

Come Friday, LocalSYR Channel 9 predicts rain showers and a temperature dip back into the 50 degrees. Chang hopes to get out and enjoy the weather before that happens.

“I just want to go somewhere — like a lake or a park,” he said. “Maybe I’ll get a little sunburn, too.”

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