Seeing is believing

Paranormal investigators explore CNY military barracks in search of more than just bumps in the night.

Walking through supposedly haunted buildings, sitting in silence in a pitch black room in the middle of the night, provoking spirits for the small chance that something completely inexplicable happens; it is just another weekend like any other for paranormal investigators Scott Clark, James Pendell, and Lisa Heider.

Why do they do this? There are a number of reasons.

It is a chance to perhaps help spirits cross over, to prove that something is out there, to ease the tension of a worried person experiencing paranormal activity, to find reason for unexplainable occurrences, for adventure, history.

These are just a few reasons why they ghost hunt, but moreimportantly, they all have experienced some phenomena that they cannot explain.

The three have investigated Madison Barracks at Sackett’s Harbor in New York, which is an old military barracks from the War of 1812. Two wars and Civil War training occurred on this land.

The owner of the property bought it to build houses on, but found a mass grave and the area was deemed a historic property by the government. He experienced so much activity in one of the remaining buildings that he shut it down, and will not enter. The investigator kept returning to the barracks because they had gathered an ample amount of evidence and are still searching for natural causes.

Sometimes they hear what might sounds like a woman’s voice, soldiers walking through a mess hall, or cabinets being open and shut on their audio recorders.

During a typical investigation, they will leave several audio recorders running for most of the night in different buildings. They will take temperature readings, record video, take digital photographs, and sit in rooms to try to provoke the spirits.

Most of the time, they are trying to prove their evidence wrong and find natural reasons like animals or wind for the cause of some of their data. Sometimes, they say it is purely paranormal.

They recently started an organization called Paracuse with a group of other investigators to research locations throughout central and upstate New York.

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