QuadWalk: Mix and match for spring

Fashion advice for the fashionista stuck in the limbo land between winter and spring.

Let’s face it – the first few weeks back after Spring Break is tough. Do your professors honestly believe you did any work during your time off, or that you'll be more inclined to do work now? Most students either spend their vacations back home, sleeping in past noon or relaxing somewhere much warmer and sunnier than Syracuse. While you were in those more temperate climates you may have noticed a certain hint of spring wardrobes making their first appearances of the year. This means bright, mix-matched colors, lighter fabrics and more skin.

Unsure if the warm weather is here to stay, spring is always an exciting and relatively stressful time for our wardrobes. Coming back to Syracuse, it’s clear that cold weather clothing will be around a little while longer (even with the occasional heat wave), but that doesn’t mean you should stay stuck in winter styles.

A great way to help transition into a springtime state of mind amidst the cold is mixing fabrics. Pairing a lightweight and airy lace top with a fur or knit vest creates contrast as you bridge the gap between the seasons. This is also a look that can be seamlessly translated from day to night.

In the winter it’s all too easy to slip into a pattern of, well, no patterns. Spring is the time to bust out your most eye-catching prints. I’m not talking about your simple polka-dot, stripe and, please, no more plaid. I’m talking loud. But as good fashionistas know, too much pattern at once can be overwhelming . The best way to not go overboard with strong patterns is through your accessories. A simple outfit punched up with an interesting hat, shoe or distinct piece of jewlery is a safe bet to stand out in a subtle way.

You can also try choosing one item of clothing with a bright pattern matched with more neutral basics. Bottoms are a great way to use patterns in unique way. Try investing in a pair of patterned jeans or try the wide variety of patterned leggings several stores have to offer. It may feel unnatural at first to draw so much attention to your legs but, if done well, I promise the attention will be positive.

It’s rare to see pops of bright or neon hughs amidst the blinding white snow. But as we slowly start to see more green and – could it be? – some flowers starting to bud, we remember how wonderful it feels to stand out in bold shades. Like patterns, bright colors are best when used carefully especially when other people may still be stuck in their blacks and grays of the winter. Using the same concept suggested with patterns, small but noticeable dashes of vivid color is the way to go. For the day time matching a simple leather jacket with a jeweltone bag is an understated way to enhance a look. At night swap the little black dress for a more fun, mix-matched style with one or two neutral pieces combined with different shades of the same, bright color.

Gentlemen, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. All of the suggestions already discussed can work for your spring wardrobe too: Lightweight fabrics, bright colors and utilizing your accessories.

Spring is a time to shrug off your winter coat and the sweatpants you’ve been wearing every day to class and dress up! A basic cotton button up is a staple of every man’s wardrobe and aren’t just for special occasions. Pair it with a thin, khaki-colored jacket for a casual warm weather look. With such a simple top feel free to be bold and try a pair of well-tailored, colored chinos. Red is a safe choice if you don’t want to stick out too much. And, just like the ladies, men have accessories too so don’t be afraid to make a statement with them. Who can pull off bright purple, suade loafers? You can, my friend. And are you sick of everyone wearing the same pair of wayfares as you? Change it up with some thin rimmed aviators and you’ll be all set for that spring time sunshine, whenever it decides to come.


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