On the first day of classes, what is your new (school) year's resolution?

While some Syracuse students hope to spend more time meeting new people others wish to concentrate on academic achievement.

For most of the world, the new year begins on Jan. 1. But for a great majority of American college students, the term, new year signifies something a little bit different: the first day of fall classes.

With just under 20,000 students on campus, Syracuse University is a place where undergraduate and graduate students alike come together to discover their passions and pursue their various goals and interests.

"It’s time to experience more of college life.”
- Gabe Amawa

This year, as students enthusiastically return to the hill with fresh school supplies and perhaps even a fresher outlook, The NewsHouse is asking: What’s your new (school) year’s resolution?

Answers, which were both academic and social, ranged from seemingly minor to lofty and ambitious. While some students said that they hoped to spend more time meeting new people and making friends, others reported that their studies were what they wanted to concentrate on.

“I want to maintain my grades,”  civil engineering sophomore Year Simonson said. “They’ve been pretty consistent so far and I’d like to stay on track.”

Others set higher and more specific standards for the year to come.

“I actually want to get a 4.0 for both semesters,” said Paige Samblanet, a biology and environmental science senior.

“I’ve tried every single semester,” she continued. “I’ve only done it twice. Both were in the summer.”

While improved academics appeared to be a consistent theme across the board, other students mentioned less scholarly endeavors, such as making new friends and carving out more time for social activities.

“I’d probably say my goal is to be more outgoing,” said  civil engineering sophomore Gabe Amawa. He explained that as a freshman, the transition to college was a bit jarring. Now, as a sophomore he feels more comfortable and ready to branch out.

“I’m more accustomed now,” he said. “It’s time to experience more of college life.”

Biology and neuroscience junior Gina Kim mentioned both short- and long-term ideas for this coming year.

“I really want to get a good MCAT score,” she said, adding that she’ll prepare for the exam throughout the coming semester. “But I also want to decorate our [off campus] house to look really pretty. That’s just a goal for right now, I guess.”

Still for others, this year's goals are even simpler.

“To make it to all my classes,” accounting and finance junior Ryan Manzano said with a chuckle.  “I’ve had a bad habit of sleeping through them, and it’d be good to start making it [to class] on time.”

For many, the new school year represents a new beginning and a fresh start — a new set of classes, maybe a change in housing location, and a chance to make new and potentially life-long friends.

Will these students’ resolutions come to fruition? Only time will tell. At least for the moment, the students at Syracuse can revel in the excitement, novelty and almost-unlimited possibility that a new school year inevitably ushers in. 

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