Campus nightlife

You might not know that there are so many exciting, funny and unusual things happening on and off campus at night.

Besides staying at home, students can spend their time taking in social events, participating in creative activities and even working part-time jobs.

We found stories that show a different side of students’ nightlife at Syracuse University. SU is a place where students not only go to classes and gain knowledge, but also is a place full of energy, laughter, creation and entertainment.

Do you have an Up All Night story to tell? Share it with us.

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn/Flickr.





Orange After Dark events offer students fun things to do on weekend nights without spending too much money. Produced by Elizabeth Doyon.



Art makes him infinite. A senior sculpture student spends his days and nights creating art at an SU studio. Produced by Hannah Klein.



A fitness center attendant's nightlife

Jose Rincon enjoys his night job working as a fitness attendant for Late Night at the Gym. Produced by Alex Ptachick.

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