Blast of snow cancels Monday classes

More than a foot of snow in the past day gives SU students and staffers the day off.

Three words made it official.

“All Classes Cancelled.”

An e-mail from Syracuse University to its students, faculty and staff around 9 a.m. Monday announced the first full school closure since 1993.

“I can’t think of a particular time when there was this much snow all at one time,” SU political science graduate student Heather Pincock said.

After shoveling the front walkway for an hour and a half, Pincock then tackled the challenge of trying to move her car.

“I could hardly see it,” Pincock said. “The snow was up to the door handles on the ground and then completely covering the rest of it.”

SU joined Onondaga Community College and area public schools in shutting down after a steady, heavy snow that started on Sunday afternoon. Hancock International Airport reported 13.4 inches of snow, according to The National Weather Service said Monday snowfall makes this season the fourth-snowiest winter in the past 60 years.

Students who live in neighborhoods close to SU’s campus said the school closure was a wise choice.

“It looks like our roads haven’t been plowed and it’s very difficult to travel,” said Maxwell School master’s student Kat Sepka, who lives in the Westcott neighborhood.

The last time a full day of classes were canceled ...

  March 15, 1993
March 7, 2011


Snow fallen in single storm


42 inches


13.4 inches


Inches fallen to date for winter season


176.6 inches (recordbreaking season of 192.1 inches)


173.5 inches


SU Chancellor


Kenneth Shaw


Nancy Cantor


SU Basketball Stats


20-9, team banned from tournament due to recruiting violations


25-6, Ranked No. 11


Leading Scorers


Lawrence Moten: 17.9 points


Kris Joseph: 14.2 points


Syracuse Mayor


Thomas Ganley Young


Stephanie A. Miner


New York Governor


Mario Cuomo


Andrew Cuomo

Snow day in motion

Video produced by Sarah Kinslow:

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