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727 S. Crouse Ave. Suite 8
Located in the alley way of the Marshall Street Mall, Funk N’ Waffles provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of college life.  With Belgian waffles ranging from the classic blueberry to fried chicken waffles, you can get just about anything put on top of your favorite breakfast meal.  Not in the mood for waffles?  They serve grilled Panini sandwiches and smoothies as well....
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125 E. Water St.
“Shut up and eat your burger,” says the slogan of Bull & Bear Pub. Which burger, you ask? Take your pick of one of many made at the pub, located in Hanover Square. You may have heard the phrase “fresh, never frozen” at a burger joint before, but at this “burger company,” their mission is serious: to provide you with a fresh half-pound Angus beef or a hand-trimmed chicken burger that is never...
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120 Walton St
Empire Brewing Company has made an impression with its garden-grown menu, green mindset and carefully crafted brews. And its location at the heart of Armory Square doesn’t mean its Cajun-influenced cuisine is too pricey for a night out with friends. The atmosphere is casual, cozy and modern, and the food has a kick. Above all, Empire is approachable; you don’t have to be a microbrew connoisseur...
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505 Westcott Street
Metro fuses a sushi bar, an intimate concert venue and a dance club all into one. It may seem like those three things don't go together, but at Metro it works. The classy interior furnished with leather couches and teak wood furniture adds an air of sophistication, but the place lacks any pretention. Rather, it invites locals to enjoy great food, fun music and a relaxing (or wild, or both)...
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524 Westcott Street
It’s not often that you can hang out inside a former indie movie theater, sip some Magic Hat, and listen to some grade-A music.  But, then again, The Westcott isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill music and events venue.  It’s not your typical bar either.When to Go: Whenever there’s a band playing that you like—duh.  Ok, sounds obvious but, in all seriousness, the...
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246 W Willow St
Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. That knee-jerk pour of sauce onto your ribs will probably spill onto your new khakis. But you won’t care. The excitement is natural. Instead of reaching for the napkins — and delaying your meal — you’ll continue to pig out. After all, that’s what a fluorescent sign says in the window of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: “Pig In, Pig Out.” The rib experience at this go-to...
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116 Walton St.
PJ's Pub and Grill in Armory Square is a great place to get a beer and watch the game. Chuck's and Faegan's can get pretty crowded with students on a regular basis, so try heading downtown when you want to avoid the long lines. PJ's is your typical Irish pub with American food that anyone can enjoy. When to go: Early afternoon gets busy with the lunch break crowd, and since PJ's is far from...
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100 South Lowell Ave.
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub stays true to its name, appropriately tucked away on Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. For visitors and locals alike, the traditional pub has served as a hallmark for the historic Irish neighborhood since 1933. The miniature telephone booth for leprechauns just outside the main entrance ensures diners that Coleman’s leaves out no details when it comes to being...
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207, Walton Street
Update: Closed in late 2011. With a modern design and upscale feel, Armory Square's newest sports bar has all the ingredients to make sports fans happy: two pool tables, shuffleboard, darts and an indoor basketball game. On top of it, it has five 82-inch projection screens and a choice of 120 beers, which make this place a great one to watch the games.When to Go: Gio’s Tavern is open every...