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125 E. Water St.
“Shut up and eat your burger,” says the slogan of Bull & Bear Pub. Which burger, you ask? Take your pick of one of many made at the pub, located in Hanover Square. You may have heard the phrase “fresh, never frozen” at a burger joint before, but at this “burger company,” their mission is serious: to provide you with a fresh half-pound Angus beef or a hand-trimmed chicken burger that is never...
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300 W. Fayette St.
Kitty Hoynes isn’t your typical Irish pub, instead it boasts a small candle lit hangout that makes the perfect spot for long conversations and good laughs. Best of all, it's in the cultural epicenter of Syracuse---Armory Square. When to Go:  At this non-assuming hide-away spot, there will be older Syracuse locals, but on the weekends, college students swing by to start the night off...
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320 South Clinton Street
Syracuse Suds Factory isn’t a typical downtown bar full of townies. Known as “Syracuse’s first brewery since 1962,” Syracuse Suds Factory brews its beers on the premises. You can watch them make the beer as you drink it by the pint. But the Suds Factory isn’t just a pub, as its food provides an awesome complement to any beverage selection. Whether your favorite team is playing at home or on...
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165 Walton St.
In Armory Square, the calm quiet of the day transforms itself into a lively night atmosphere. The same can be said about the Blue Tusk. It’s a dimly lit space with bar stools and booths, seemingly limitless beer choices and refreshingly unique menu options. Early in the day, customers trickle in and out on their lunch hour, returning again to relax and enjoy their surroundings with an ice-cold...
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120 Walton St
Empire Brewing Company has made an impression with its garden-grown menu, green mindset and carefully crafted brews. And its location at the heart of Armory Square doesn’t mean its Cajun-influenced cuisine is too pricey for a night out with friends. The atmosphere is casual, cozy and modern, and the food has a kick. Above all, Empire is approachable; you don’t have to be a microbrew connoisseur...
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116 Walton St.
PJ's Pub and Grill in Armory Square is a great place to get a beer and watch the game. Chuck's and Faegan's can get pretty crowded with students on a regular basis, so try heading downtown when you want to avoid the long lines. PJ's is your typical Irish pub with American food that anyone can enjoy. When to go: Early afternoon gets busy with the lunch break crowd, and since PJ's is far from...
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253 E. Water Street
Consider it a playground for beer connoisseurs with an unquenchable thirst for variety. Beat your brew boredom with one of the 69 different beers on tap at J Ryan’s Pub in downtown Syracuse. Stop in for insanely affordable prices paired with good food and a cozy atmosphere. What more could a college student ask for? When to Go: J Ryan’s is a good alternative when the more well-known bars are...
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721 S. Crouse Ave.
Step into another climate as you enter Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar just down the street from Syracuse University. As soon as you take a seat at a table made out of a surfboard and sip on your Corona with lime, your goose bumps from the perpetual winter outside will melt away. The West Coast-inspired décor provides plenty to gawk at. From movie posters dating back to the 1950's to license plates...
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153 Ainsley Drive
Hidden between dreary-looking factory buildings and truck loading docks is a German gem: Danzer's German & American Restaurant. Though the building is easy to miss, the German appearance inside is unmistakable. Signs in German hang from the walls, and multiple German beers are just an order away. Rich in history and about five minutes away from the Syracuse University campus, the...
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100 South Lowell Ave.
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub stays true to its name, appropriately tucked away on Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. For visitors and locals alike, the traditional pub has served as a hallmark for the historic Irish neighborhood since 1933. The miniature telephone booth for leprechauns just outside the main entrance ensures diners that Coleman’s leaves out no details when it comes to being...
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320 South Clinton Street
Chicken wing and beer lovers, unite. That’s the implied motto at Syracuse Suds Factory, est. 1991, the first Syracuse microbrew pub to open after the last one shut down in the early ’60s. With a roll of paper towels at most tables and a variety of homemade beers, the Suds Factory invites you to kick back like the restaurant’s signature overall-wearing pint drinker that sits atop each of the...