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116 Walton St.
PJ's Pub and Grill in Armory Square is a great place to get a beer and watch the game. Chuck's and Faegan's can get pretty crowded with students on a regular basis, so try heading downtown when you want to avoid the long lines. PJ's is your typical Irish pub with American food that anyone can enjoy. When to go: Early afternoon gets busy with the lunch break crowd, and since PJ's is far from...
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2950 Erie Blvd East
Imagine you could share a meal with Michael Corleone while being serenaded by Frank Sinatra. Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse makes that fantasy come true. The Erie Boulevard restaurant offers reasonably priced Italian fare in a relaxed environment. Caricatures of famous Italians like Corleone are plastered on the dimly lit walls, and your meal is accompanied by the sounds of Sinatra. But, this...
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247 West Fayette Street Suite 100
If you want to experience NYC-style dining, but don't want to drive four hours to get there, then bc Restaurant is the place for you. Located in Armory Square, this restaurant features a variety of entrees and drinks with a upscale, yet casual atmosphere. Whether you're stepping in for a meal or an after-work drink, it's a classy alternative to the average pub. When to Go: bc Restaurant is open...