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530 Westcott St
The Jordanian family that owns and runs this restaurant prides itself on bringing its homeland dining culture to the 'Cuse. The Essi family says its recipes, which originated in Lebanon, make up "the best diet in the world." Meals here are made up mostly of beans, grains, vegetables and lots of herbs and spices, which the family says hold medicinal powers. The 90 percent vegan menu features...
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143 Marshall Street
Cosmos, a kitschy '50s diner, is a Marshall Street gem hidden behind a pizzeria facade. While most eateries on The Hill cater to a specific taste, Cosmos serves everything from loaded cheesesteak sandwiches to mocha-flavored malts to pizza omelets. They open early for breakfast and crank out diner classics and hybrids until the early hours of the morning. Cosmos opened in the late 1950s, and...
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110 Wolf Street
Stella’s Diner is a dying breed. This local favorite is one of the last genuine Syracuse joints. Hardworking waitresses, huge portions, cheap prices, and classic greasy diner food await your arrival. Just hope you can grab a table before the waiting line forms.   When to Go: Stella’s is always hopping so expect a short wait, but peak hours are Saturdays and Sundays until about 1 p.m....
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802 S. Crouse Avenue
Whether it's game day or Wednesday afternoon, it seems like there is someone always in Varsity chowing down on a slice of cheese pizza or a famous steak sandwich. Everything from chicken wings to salads, the Hill would not be the same without the famous Varsity restaurant. Game day for basketball or football is always a popular choice (especially on the recently rare occasion when the SU football...
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501 Westcott St.
If you are searching for mouthwatering food, cheap prices and a cozy place to eat, look no further than Mom's Diner. Almost hidden in plain view on Westcott Street, Mom's Diner serves traditional diner grub, while mixing in some Middle Eastern flair. When to Go: Mom's Diner isn't exactly your 24-hour diner dive. During the week, you can eat at Mom's Diner from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and on the...