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125 E. Water St.
“Shut up and eat your burger,” says the slogan of Bull & Bear Pub. Which burger, you ask? Take your pick of one of many made at the pub, located in Hanover Square. You may have heard the phrase “fresh, never frozen” at a burger joint before, but at this “burger company,” their mission is serious: to provide you with a fresh half-pound Angus beef or a hand-trimmed chicken burger that is never...
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246 W Willow St
Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. That knee-jerk pour of sauce onto your ribs will probably spill onto your new khakis. But you won’t care. The excitement is natural. Instead of reaching for the napkins — and delaying your meal — you’ll continue to pig out. After all, that’s what a fluorescent sign says in the window of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: “Pig In, Pig Out.” The rib experience at this go-to...